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I attended the black belt testing for my grandson, Lucas Dunlap, last Saturday, June 23, 2012. I had to write to tell you what an incredible afternoon it was. As a "Grammy" I was very nervous for Lucas although he showed no signs of nerves himself. Once the testing began I was completely enthralled. Instructor Mary began with a great description of how the testing would proceed. There were so many students I really thought we were in for a long afternoon. When it was over, I didn't want it to end.

You have assembled the most amazing, confidence boosting, supporting group of instructors I have ever seen anywhere, in any setting. They were so encouraging with all of the students and helped ease any nerves or anxiety they had. It was so exciting to watch ALL of the students, not just my grandson. The sense of support and of family among the boys and girls was truly amazing.

It has been a terrific experience for my grandson. He has had confidence problems in the past. He really isn't into sports and all of the many boys his age in his neighborhood are all into one sport or another and mostly on teams together. Your school has given a real sense of what it is to belong to a team or family outside of home. I am so proud of him.

I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a terrific job, as well as ALL of your instructors. You really do make a difference in the lives of many young people and their families. Keep up the great work!

-Denise Arrigo

"I wanted to share how much we enjoy coming to T-USA and how beneficial it has been for our son, Jonathan. Jonathan just became a Deputy II belt and continues to look forward to becoming a black belt as do his parents."

"We have seen such amazing changes in Jonathan over these past two years. His confidence and self esteem are something to behold, but the balance, coordination, and muscle tone he's developed are astounding! I have recommended your programs to numerous people, including therapists, because of T-USA's committment to the kids and the many benefits of your Black Belt Program."

                                                      -Jean Suchy

"The attraction of T-USA for my husband and I were the principles of  TaeKwonDo that we feel are essential for effective citizenship and in becoming a moral and empathetic individual. Our son, Mason, is an amazing nine year old with an enormous heart. While we have never had a concern about discipline for him, we came to TaeKwonDo harboring the hope that he would acquire a higher level of self confidence. The results were immediate. Mason became very close to his instructors and they led him through his lessons with great care. After each testing, my husband and I reflect that this was the very best decision we have ever made on behalf of our son."

Tina Garcia

Social Studies Department

Victor J. Andrew High School

A New Study Out Of Bangor University In The UK Offers Insights Into How Martial Arts Can Improve Focus And Attention In Adults, And By Extension, Children. 

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