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 Master Damon Guertin

T-USA Lemont Program Director

Master Damon brings over 24 years experience in Martial Arts to T-USA, achieving black belts in both TaeKwonDo and HapKiDo. He is also certified through Korea and is recognized as an official black belt in both styles

In addition to his Martial Arts experience, Master Damon is also a certified Physical Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist through the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research in Dallas, TX. His combined experience in physical fitness and Martial Arts benefits his students of all ages by helping them develop a program that fits their individual needs. He believes that the training style taught by his masters, instructors and staff will enhancee the lives of students of all ages.

Master Damon believes that the programs provided at T-USA offer more of an education in building ones character and confidence that can be used in everyday life, rather than just as a sport, hobby or physical workout. His experience and love for the Martial Arts is one of his strongest assets as he guides parents and their children, teenagers and adults in finding the program that best fits their needs.

Master Damon strongly believes that you are never too young or old to do something that will benefit all areas of you life. His approach and philosophy to Martial Arts training helps provide students with more balance in work and family while improving self-confidence and overall physical wellness.