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Children and Tae Kwon Do

What T-USA offers your child:

  • Fun classes geared for children
  • Basic Taekwondo skills with balance, flexibility and listening skills
  • Courtesy and respect
  • Learn to respect others
  • Build self-confidence, character and self-esteem


10 Articles of Mental Training

for Children in Martial Arts

  •    Be Loyal To Your Country                                    Loyal
  •    Be Obedient To Your Parents                              Obedience
  •    Be Loving To Your Family                                    Loving
  •   Be Cooperative With Others                                Cooperation
  •    Be Faithful To Friends                                          Faithful
  •   Be Respectful Of Masters                                    Respect
  •   Be Honest In Personal Affairs                              Honesty
  •   Show Concern For Others                                   Compassion
  •   Never Attack Without Reason                              Mercy
  •   Finish What You Start                                          Persistence